We are bio!

The Biobowl is the first fully biodegradable pet bowl made in Brazil. Available in two sizes, 500ml and 1500ml, and made from castor oil resin, a sustainable, renewable, non-toxic raw material. This means that in addition to being a zero-pollution and zero-waste product, our bowl is safe for animals. It is a biocompatible, non-toxic bowl that prevents proliferation of fungus and bacteria.

100% ecofriendly

When discarded, it decomposes completely into the environment!
Zero-waste, zero-pollution.

Biocompatible Our Biobowl doesn’t cause skin irritation or allergies when in contact with living tissues and it is not harmful to animals (even if bitten or eaten).

Does not contain toxic substances nor its derivatives. All materials and substances used to produce our Biobowl are non-toxic.